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The Maremma, the southernmost area of Tuscany, coincides with the Province of Grosseto, but above all the Maremma identifies a lifestyle based on respect for the environment, for culture and the maintenance of traditions.

Tourism in Maremma is synonymous with active experience, a magnificent journey through colours, scents, history, sea, mountains, but above all Maremma is good living! An enormous outdoor gym of experiences for the visitor in search of the lost emotional elixir of a territory.


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The Maremma is the wild heart of a Tuscany of land and sky, large spaces and dilated times are the ideal setting for travel outdoors in harmony with a territory where the dimension of travel respects the rhythms of man.

Moreover, it is a restless and vital land like echoes of the surf, strong and shy like its wild boars; instinctively elegant and free like its horses.

At the moment, the Maremma is the area of Tuscany most attentive to sustainable development, whose priorities are theenvironment and nature.

The respect and protection of theenvironment are also evident from the presence of numerous preserved areas and nature reserves. Such as the Regional Natural Park of Maremma, one of the first protected areas in Italy, particularly interesting for lovers of the sea is the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which includes, among others, the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, real treasures of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The visitorActor wants atravel experience intense; with a high degree of emotional involvement, multi-sensory and active. . We believe that the Maremma is the natural stage to “shoot” the film of your holiday: anexperience full of emotions and sensations in an area where tradition and culture ofhospitality will be the co-producers of your set!


One of the cleanest seas in Italy, with countless shades of blue and turquoise, which opens in front of the Maremma and holds small jewels such as the islands of Giglio and Giannutri and a thousand-year history.

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The Maremma, land of brigands, cowboys and swamps, is today considered one of the most exclusive and exciting places in central Italy.

Crystalline sea, respect for nature and excellent hospitality: these are the ingredients to build a ‘great experience in Maremma.

From north to south, from the Gulf of Follonica to the coast of Capalbio, passing through the promontory of Monte Argentario and Castiglione della Pescaia, there are many possibilities that the sea of the Maremma can suggest.

This is the Maremma that faces the waters that everyone recognizes.


Among the Maremma territory, the now extinct volcano of Amiata stands out, offering an evocative landscape, rich in interesting examples of flora, fauna and a multitude of important historical testimonies.

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Water, earth, fire, air, these are the elements that make up the body and soul of Monte Amiata.

Mount Amiata is the peak from where you can see the entire Maremma, is the mountain that gives its name to the mountainous area of the Province of Grosseto.

A mountain rich in springs but also in mineral and natural resources, it offers the possibility to walk along the wonderful paths that cross the beech forests that cover it.

Amiata is an open-air museum. Its beauties are all in the nature that… Come here and see it.

Spa and Wellness

Italy is a fantastic country. Tuscany Region, with its more than thirty thousand spas, prestigious hotels and modern wellness centers, is the ideal destination for a holiday of relaxation and wellness.

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Regenerate, take care of your body and spirit, in a natural environment among the most beautiful in Italy.

A land of sulphur and ancient volcanoes, the province of Grosseto is home to many hot springs, from the heights of Mount Amiata to the Maremma plain.

Visiting this area means being able to take a break from the daily routine, leaving behind fatigue and seeking a new balance.

Balance between physical fitness and inner well-being in a land known since ancient times for these characteristics.

The Maremma is wellness.


An area where nature reigns almost undisturbed. This is one of the characteristics of the Maremma, a land where the presence of man has been able to develop in harmony with the rich environmental and faunal heritage. Sun, land, sea. Everything for you is here, in Maremma.


Land of the noble Etruscans first and of the ingenious Romans later, Maremma was an undisputed fief of powerful feudal powerful feudal families. In the 19th century Maremma became refuge of the brigands who raged in central Italy and today, a top-level tourist destination.


From sailing to cycling, from diving to golf, from horseback riding to kite surfing: sports enthusiasts can find many opportunities in Maremma to practice their favorite discipline. Also, you can engage in many activities offered throughout the year. Always here, always in Maremma.


Four activities

A pleasant change of high and rugged rocks that suddenly open to the view fascinating and cozy coves of sand and pebbles or long tongues of sand.

From the whiter and finer beaches of Cala Violina in the north to the coarser and darker ones due to the presence of iron on the beaches further south, along the Capalbio coastline.


Tourism in the Maremma is relaxation and it’s activities. With enormous potential for all outdoor sports, it is a fascinating world for those related to the sea and sailing. Tourism in Maremma is to discover the world of sailing, kiht surfing and wind surfing with a sea that brings the air sports.


In the deepest tradition and respect for the territory, one discovers a Monte Amiata open to tourism in Maremma, to new cultures, an environment of intimate spirituality.

On the Amiata it is the religious element, more than the historical one, to have left signs and figures in the popular sensibility of Maremma.


For those who are looking for a stay in a modern and luxury accommodation facility, equipped with every comfort and immersed in a colorful countryside in front of a medieval village, Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort are definitely the ideal of tourism in Maremma.

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